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Maika Schneider


Owner, Childbirth Educator, Birth and Postpartum Doula 

I was born and raised in Germany before moving to the US in 2017. My husband and I have three beautiful children, one born in Germany and two born here, and we love seeing them grow every day. Their birth experiences were totally different and I appreciate the knowledge I got about birth and infant care from my midwife in Germany, my US midwives and the people we have met throughout our parenthood journey.  

Childbirth and the postpartum period have always been super interesting to me and I love seeing new families grow more confident in what they do. It all starts with the birth of their baby or babies and too many times I hear them say “I wish I had known (about) this or learned more about this before…”. Parenthood and childbirth are to a certain degree unpredictable and of course dependable on the individuals, but with good preparation and education a lot of the fear factors can be reduced, and parents are able to make informed decisions. This is my biggest goal, whether I see you in one of my childbirth classes, support you during the birth of your baby, or the very important and challenging postpartum time. 

I am a certified Birth Doula and a trained Postpartum Doula with DONA Internation. In addition, I am a certified Childbirth Educator with Birth Works International. 

Adding a child to a family means starting a new chapter in ones’ lives and it is important to find a good support system. I hope that I can be one of the puzzle pieces in your system and empower you as you start your parenthood journey.

**At this point, Maika is taking only a very limited number of doula clients due to her new role as a student midwife.**

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