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Kaitlyn Mackley

Birth Doula

Hi! I'm Kaitlyn Joy Mackley. I was born and raised in Hampton Roads so I am very familiar with the area. Being the oldest child to my three siblings and all my cousins, I was raised babysitting and changing diapers. Growing up I imagined I would become an elementary school teacher like my father but in high school I realized my passion wasn't in testing and grades but fostering relationships and caring for others on a deeper level. 


As a new mom in April of 2022, I became very passionate about every aspect leading into motherhood. Countless hours of research, restless nights thinking of my dream birth, educating and advocating for myself, and finally having my daughter solidified my love for the birth process. Supporting and nurturing the families I work with brings me so much joy. I started my journey into birth work as a birth photographer and then later became a birth doula. Capturing the precious moments and details of your birth while supporting and cheering you on is what I love and truly believe I was called to do. 


I personally would love to have 100 kids but since that's not possible I will settle for helping you achieve your dream birth while being heard, understanding your options, and holding space for you while you bring your little one into the world. Joy is my middle name and I truly believe I bring a joyful, upbeat, and calm presence to the births I attend. Let's have a BIRTH day party!!!

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