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Birth Doula


Love at first sight
Birth Doula Support



The Golden Hour
Birth Doula Support + 
Childbirth Education* 


*Childbirth education is a weekend OR 6-week class only. 
We offer a 5% military/first responder discount on all packages. Restrictions apply.

During birth, you should have the freedom to focus on the transformation that is happening within your body.


A birth doula provides encouragement and physical support during this time by assisting you into various positions and offering other comfort measures during every stage of labor. We can also educate you on any medical interventions within our scope of practice.

Even if your partner has attended a childbirth class with you, he/she/they might feel anxious and overwhelmed by the time labor starts; therefore, a doula will not only focus on the birthing person but anyone who is attending the birth so they can play an active role in labor to support the laboring person.


Birth is a life-changing event that should happen in a surrounding that is safe and filled with love. Rest assured, the birth doula will never take the place of the partner or make decisions for the family. 

What is included?

  • One initial meeting with no obligation to answer any questions you may have about our services and to make sure we are a good fit


  • One or two prenatal meetings, to explore and discuss your priorities and any fears or concerns, how you envision your labor and birth and to discuss your birth preferences / birth plan (if applicable)


  • Email and phone support from the date of hire; 24/7 on-call availability two weeks before your due date until the birth


  • Continuous labor support at home, the hospital or birth center until after baby is born


  • Postpartum support for up to 2 hours after delivery, assisting with initial breastfeeding if desired


  • One postpartum visit usually within the first four weeks after birth to discuss your birth experience, welcome the baby and answer any questions you may have


  • A backup doula 

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