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Premier Health Chiropractic

"Getting checked as a child just has so many benefits."


I started receiving chiropractic adjustments when I was a few weeks pregnant with Ophelia, and I've never looked back. Overall, chiropractic care has considerably decreased my neck and back pain, helped me recover from sicknesses quicker, and helped immensely with my anxiety.

At Premier Health Chiropractic, Dr. Allison, is ready to help you and your family feel better, stay healthy, and be happy. She listens and has an open heart without judgement about where or how you are in your prenatal, pregnancy, or postpartum journey.

Spinal adjustments help our nervous systems function optimally, so it's particularly crucial during pregnancy and the postpartum period. "Getting adjusted while you're pregnant is perfect! The main reason why it's important is because you have ligaments that attach from your uterus to your sacrum and your hips...All of that stress is on your low back." She shows that by receiving chiropractic care, "You're allowing the baby a more balanced bubble to move and grow in." That extra space will leave you feeling more comfortable as your body grows throughout the next nine months.

Dr. Allison says parents affirm that "Pregnancy itself is more comfortable" because of chiropractic care, and that "the delivery part has been affected positively." She goes on to describe why chiropractic adjustments are vital after childbirth, "Postpartum wise, your posture is changing. Your weight is distributed differently. Your spine has to retrain and compensate what it's been going through for nine months. Stress. Inflammation. Hormone changes. Your nervous system is going through a lot of stuff. Making sure you're keeping your nervous system as open as possible."

Parents aren't the only ones who can benefit from chiropractic care. One of the most common questions that people wonder is if babies, toddlers, and children can be adjusted. Hands down, chiropractic adjustments were life savers for Ophelia during the newborn phase. They've been incredibly beneficial when she has a cold or is teething as well. Dr. Allison explains,

"We love checking kids right after they are born so we can make sure that their spinal cord is balanced, their hips and arms are balanced, and their necks so they have full range of movement...sometimes there's a restriction in that upper neck area and that can lead to colic or ear infections... their spine is already creating habits with their muscles, and they fall all the time, so we want to want to make sure that we're keeping everything balanced and moving evenly so that as they grow and develop their muscles are balanced, their nervous system is talking to all the organs evenly. And it's just creating a nice pattern as they grow to have healthy communication from their brain to their body for coordination and balance for emotional response, for memory and development."

Dr. Allison's approach is gentle. She uses an instrument called Impulse IQ, which uses thumps or taps that are much less force than a manual adjustment. What's super interesting about when she uses this tool for my adjustments is that she can be adjusting my neck and I feel my leg lengthen and release tension.

Premier Health Chiropractic is located at 633 Independence Blvd Suite A, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Call (757) 962-6191 to schedule your appointment. Let them know that Blissful Baby Steps, LLC sent you their way.