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Fit4Mom Norfolk

Did you know that Maika and I met each other through Fit 4 Mom?

And it wasn't even through one of the classes. When I first moved to Virginia Beach, the pandemic was slowly creeping in, so I didn't really know many people. I decided to check out a stroller stride class, and it felt good to move my body AND socialize with fellow parents. I was able to attend a handful of classes in person before we had to switch to online workouts. I was pretty bummed because I still didn't really know anyone, but Fit4Mom actually hosts mom's night out (or virtually "in" during the pandemic) and virtual coffee chats, which is where Maika and I met for the first time.

Caitlin Wright, owner of Fit4Mom Norfolk, explains the different types of classes that are offered for every stage of pregnancy and postpartum. One of the aspects that I really appreciated was that I never felt judged for my level of endurance. In every class I attended, I was lifted and supported, which really does make all the difference during such a crucial time in parents' lives.

What's also really cool is your first class is FREE! Check out https://fit4mom.com/locations to find a class near you!