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Upcoming Classes

6 Week Series 

January 9 - February 13 (Mo)

March 2 - April 6 (Th)

May 9 - June 20 (Tue)

Weekend Classes


February 18/19

April 1/2

June 10/11

“The knowledge about how to give birth already exists...” 


Before we buy a car or house, we go out and make sure we weigh our options and check for better deals to make the most informed choice. When we know all of our options, we don't have to ask “Why didn’t I know about this?” or say “I/We wish we had known about...” Way too often families don’t get the birth experience they were looking for because they weren't informed of their options or how to overcome obstacles that occur.

BirthWorks International has a unique approach that focuses on strengthening the birthing instinct within pregnant peoples. Even though we are in an industrialized and modernized world, BirthWorks International teaches that it is possible to create a pregnancy, birth, and postpartum environment that embraces a calm and natural birthing experience. 

The classes we offer: 

Every participant/couple is provided with a folder that contains valuable handouts, exercises and information. 

In our class, we cover: 

  • Emotional preparation for birth, exploring own beliefs and attitudes about childbirth as well as recognizing concerns

  • Nutrition and exercising

  • Relaxation techniques and comfort measures for pregnancy, birth, and beyond

  • Hands-on practice and labor tools for partners

  • Understanding the importance of a safe birth environment

  • Recognizing the stages of labor and birth, coping techniques

  • Optimal fetal positioning and pelvic positioning to help you understand how you can open it up for your child and make it an active participant in the birthing process

  • Assessing medical interventions and procedures, understanding them, benefits and alternatives 

  • Grieving, healing and preparing for unexpected birth outcomes

  • Informed Consent

  • Preparation for the “fourth” trimester/postpartum and feeding options

6-week Comprehensive Series

12 Hours

Ideal for first time parents or for someone who has perceived a previous birth as a negative experience

Weekend Classes

12 Hours

Ideal for parents who need childcare for siblings, have unusual work schedules, or fast approaching due dates.

       Private             Classes 

We work with your schedule in the comfort of your own home, especially if you and your partner have scheduling conflicts, long shifts, or  don’t feel comfortable in group settings.